Photo by: Will Wiesenfeld

Photo by: Will Wiesenfeld


Campbell Logan is a Los Angeles based video artist, animator, filmmaker and game developer.

An alumni of the California Institute of the Arts' and their Experimental Animation program, he draws influence from all kinds of sources, including…… William Gibson, Disney, Kubrick, John Whitney, Nam June Paik, Anime, early computer/videogame graphics and pop-culture.
He creates unique and innovative projects both in concept and technique weaving together elements from his favorite influences.

Classically trained in a world class boy’s choir, he spent years writing and performing experimental electronic music under the moniker C-Drip. He brings this sensibility to his projects, either composing and performing the score or interpreting music visually in his music video work.


A generalist who can single handedly produce sophisticated visual media projects from beginning to end.